• Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial Real Estate
    Release unban cultural charm, satisfy various commercial needs of consumers in the Experience Economy, and provide life experience of diversification, fashion, and vitality.
  • Cultural Tourism Real Estate

    Cultural Tourism Real Estate
    It is designed to create international tourism resort and provide in-depth experience on the basis of people-first concept, ecological protection, cultural promotion, and favorable interaction.
  • Sports Real Estate

    Sports Real Estate
    Luneng promotes universal exercise, integrates sports into communities, and interacts with the public, and creates diversified sports products to release the vitality within human in overall aspects.
  • Beautiful Village

    Beautiful Village
    With the integration of agricultural park, membership manor, organic farms, and agricultural theme leisure, the project aims to promote agricultural and industrial upgrading and to provide natural micro-vacation life for urban groups who can appreciate mountains and rivers and experience feeling of nostalgia.
  • Healthy Real Estate

    Healthy Real Estate
    Provide the elderly with opportunities to enjoy leisure, security, residence, education, and worthiness.
  • Science and Technology Real Estate

    Science and Technology Real Estate
    Energy conservation and environmental protection/ electric automobiles/ intelligent power and high-end equipment / intelligent manufacturing
  • People's Livelihood Real

    People's Livelihood Real
  • Green Energy

    Green Energy
    By the end of October 2016, the gross installed capacity of clean energy had arrived at 1,020,000 kilowatts, generating power had totaled 7 billion kwh, and the nine projects in progress had been approved.