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Company profile

Luneng Group Co., Ltd. founded in December 2002 is a subsidiary wholly owned by State Grid Corporation of China focusing on real estate and energy and committed to become a public, professional, high-quality, and leading developer of pan-industry real estate as well as investor and operator of clean energy.

Luneng real estate has accumulated 26 years of urban development experience, succeeded in 23 cities within China, cumulatively developed construction area of 1,2000,000 square meters, and delivered services for 350,000 distinguished owners. The sales from January 2016 to October 2016 have been ascended to the List of Top 20 for China top 100 real estate enterprises.

Luneng Clean Energy has covered six provinces abundant in natural resources with total installed capacity of more than one million kilowatts and aggregate generating capacity of seven billion kwh. Luneng possesses offshore wind power plants with highest voltage class and largest offshore distance in China; it has remained the high record of completing and operating photovoltaic plants within 45 days.

Luneng advocates international leisure lifestyle, focuses on ecology, health, sports, entertainment, science and technology, protects natural ecological resources, promotes health care for all ages, cares sports, community, and culture, creates recreational vacation, and explores intelligent life.
Luneng concentrates on the resource cross-border integration and value chain integration to initiate a new era for innovative real estate.

Commercial Real Estate: "Luneng City" and " Beautiful City" are typical cases to release unban cultural charm, satisfy various commercial needs of consumers in the Experience Economy, and provide life experience of diversification, fashion, and vitality.

Cultural Real Estate: Luneng resort is an international tourism resort providing in-depth experience on the basis of people-first concept, ecological protection, cultural promotion, and favorable interaction.

Sports Real Estate: Luneng Taishan No.7 Series promotes universal exercise, integrates sports into communities, interacts with the public, creates diversified sports products to release the vitality within human in overall aspects.

Health Real Estate: Luneng Taishan No.9 Series, based on the national strategy of Healthy China, strives for the construction of a healthy and casual living style, involving leisure sports, medical care and health maintenance, cultural learning, interactive innovation, and comfortable residence for the elderly.

Technical Real Estate: Luneng Silicon Valley, on the basis of global energy Internet and the advanced technology of State Grid, promotes urban and industrial upgrade with technological innovation and expedites urbanization with ecological and suitable residence to create a comprehensive demonstration area integrating the cities and industries.

Beautiful Country: Lingxiu Manor. With the integration of agricultural park, membership manor, organic farms, and agricultural theme leisure, the project aims to promote agricultural and industrial upgrading and to provide natural micro-vacation life for urban groups who can appreciate mountains and rivers and experience feeling of nostalgia.
Large-scale composite real estate: Shanhaitian, Yosemite, and Lingxiu City  creates an international leisure city integrating residence, commerce, relaxing vacation, health care, and theme entertainment where people work in contentment and live in peace within metropolis.

Luneng has shown not only ingenuity in products but also devotion to services. The management platform of asset-light model, “Luneng Taishan Holiday Club” has provided various, customized, and new casual lifestyles for members and owners through the connection residential, commercial, travelling, and other diversified scenes of life via the Internet.
During development process, Luneng has adhered to the outlook on talents, “energize talents with skills and promote co-creation and sharing”, attached great importance to the cultivation and growth of talents, and vigorously introduced high-caliber talents at home and abroad.

Luneng has carried forward spirits of the time and good morality and proactively backed up and participated in social welfare undertakings to give hands for vulnerable groups, during which Luneng has fulfilled social responsibilities in terms of donations for disaster areas, assistance for people in trouble, legal assistance, Project Hope, philanthropic undertaking, support for local construction, and the like.
Luneng has actively participated in national sports and culture undertakings, where it has invested Luneng Taishan Football Club, Luneng Taishan Table Tennis Club and won several championships in Chinese Football Association Super League, China Table Tennis Super League, and other top competitions.

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