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Corporate Culture

Enterprise culture
  • Corporate Mission

    Lead Quality Life and Win Better Future

  • Core values: honesty

    honesty, responsibility, innovation, and dedication

  • Corporate Vision

    Beautiful Luneng, Thriving Development

  • Enterprise Spirit

    Strive for better performance and go after remarkable achievements

  • Corporate mission

    leading, innovation, and win-win

  • Strategic objectives

    become a public, professional, high-quality, and leading first-class modern enterprise group

  • Operation philosophy

    benefit first, brand supremacy, people orientation, and scientific management

  • Outlook on talents

    energize talents with skills, promote co-creation and sharing

  • Outlook on macro-security

    safety in production, integrity, image safety, and cooperation

  • Outlook on customers

    serve our customers with heart and soul

  • Outlook on Megamarketing

    everyone serves as marketing subject, each detail represents Luneng image, and every matter creates brand value.

  • Outlook on products

    create quality life and industrial eco-chain

  • Market awareness

    development based on trust, survival of the fittest

  • Team awareness

    deliver win-win cooperation with common goal in mind

  • Action awareness

    be aware of causes and resolute in deeds

  • Communication awareness

    openness, inclusiveness, and sharing

  • Learning awareness

    learning power means competetive power.