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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Luneng Group Company

Scrupulously abiding by the view of social responsibility of “developing company, serving society, putting people first and growing together”

Integrate the requirements of fulfilling social responsibilities into mission, strategy, operation and culture, coordinately promote sustainable development of the company and society, maximize the comprehensive value of economy, society and environment, and strive to become excellent corporate citizens. In the development of real estate projects, give the priority to implementation of the “100-year house” key model project.

  • 35.58billion

    The company has accumulatively paid about 35.58 billion yuan.

  • 100,000More than

    Provided more than 100,000 social jobs.

  • 2million

    And actively participated in and supported social welfare undertakings, and donated more than 200 million yuan since its establishment.

  • Retain pretty image of beautiful countryside

    In 2016, Luneng Group published product line of “Luneng beautiful countryside” project, and carries out construction of “beautiful countryside” nationwide. By 2017, products of Luneng beautiful countryside had implemented in Wenan of Hebei, Jiangjin of Chongqing and Longquan of Chengdu, etc.

    To build the beautiful countryside is a major measure for the Party Central Committee to push forward construction of new socialist countryside. “Beautiful countryside” of Luneng integrates national agricultural parks, organic farms and agricultural theme leisure markets, where landscapes can be seen and homesick can be retained, upgrading of agricultural industry can be more effectively promoted, plight in local rural development can be resolved, and “ issues of rural, farmers and agriculture “ can be resolved more quickly.




  • Ecological first and green development

    In 2015, Luneng group put forward the five dimension strategies-”ecological, health, sports, entertainment, science and technology”, which laid the tone of green development; in 2016 it clarified the development strategy of “ecological priority, and green development”; in 2017 the first green development monograph “on the road-Luneng’s exploration and future of ecological priority, and green development” published officially.

    In rescuing conservation of mangrove forest in Wenchang Hainan, ecological remediation and re-appreciation of depression landscape in Wenan Hebei and construction of sustainable snow pack with no tree cut down in Changbai Jilin…, Luneng Group keeps exploration and practice of ecological priority, and green development”.


  • Accurate poverty alleviation, carry out “sustainable public welfare activity”

    Investing in public welfare is the due action for enterprises to practice social responsibility. Since its establishment, Luneng Group, has been actively involved in poverty alleviation and charitable activities, donating more than 200 million yuan totally.

    In Jiuzhaigou Sichuan, the company carried out special tourism poverty alleviation, achieved win-win symbiosis with the local Tibetan villagers with professional advantage; in Huangzhong County of Qinghai, the company and local primary schools carried out dynamic one-to-one help, established help and donation file, improve local resident life quality and education environment…Luneng Group insists on focusing on “accurate poverty alleviation” and is committed to “sustainable public welfare”.

  • Proposal of healthy lifestyle

    In October 2015, Luneng Group officially launched the “sports +” product line to strongly advocate green and healthy modern lifestyle by relying on advantages of Luneng Group in traditional sports. As of 2017, Luneng “sports +” products have been officially landed in Beijing, Tianjin, Ji’nan, Nanjing, Chongqing, Wenchang, Sanya and so on.


    Through various supporting and diversified sports activities, “sports +” product line of Luneng Group cultivates Sports Hobbies of community residents, and create a healthy, green, dynamic and shared life atmosphere for the society.

  • Improve technological content and build a green health space

    It is the most important mission and responsibility for real estate enterprises to provide a longer, greener and better-quality house for the whole society. Luneng Group actively uses modern technology to improve technological content of buildings, so as to achieve longevity, quality and low carbon content of buildings, create century green residence, reduce the pollution of building environment, and provide healthy living space.

    At present, Luneng Group has tried the practice of green building in 11 cities, and the construction area is over 2000000m2. On April 22, 2017, Luneng Group solemnly promised: 100% green building full coverage will be implemented in all new projects in future.


  • Developing clean energy in response to national energy transformation

    For a long time, since the energy consumption structure dominated by coal in China has caused serious environmental pollutions, the development of new energy has become an important trend and urgent requirement for energy transformation in China. Luneng Group actively responds to the national development strategy and increases the distribution of new energy based on wind power, photovoltaic power generation and light heat.

    Luneng Group operates 1.175 million kilowatts installed power-generating capacity of offshore wind power, land wind power and photovoltaic power in Northwest, North China and East China. It promotes development of local related industries, contributes to environmental protection, and makes local and national energy use clean and safe.