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www.ifeng.com: Keeping booming, Luneng Group ranked TOP10 on the domestic estate sales list in the first quarter of the year.

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  According to the sales data of typical Chinese real estate companies of January-March, 2017 by Yihan Intelligence Database, Luneng Group has lifted its ranking obviously from the 20th at the end of 2016 to the 10th with the sales volume of 33.06 billion, keeping itself within the top 10 real estate enterprises ranking for 3 continuous months.
Luneng Group has made itself the fastest black horse in real estate field of 2016 with its scale's triple booming from 20.2 billion to 64.6 billion, making itself the top grower among the top 100 real estate enterprises. Luneng Group, which carries on its further development strategy utilized new marketing ways to sustain its booming in the first quarter of 2017, when sales volume equals to half of that in the last year was created within a quarter of that time.

Luneng Group further developed its strategy of "four cities' connection" in four major markets of Beijing, Jinan, Chongqing and Hainan, where each of the market created a sales of over 3 billion in the first quarter of the year. Achievements are earned in new second-level core cities such as Zhengzhou, Chengdu. Luneng Mansion of Zhengzhou became the No.1 of single unit sales with 4.35 billion yuan in January 2017. The strategy to spur the whole by a single city's sales by Luneng Group has been keeping working.

Luneng Group has always been sensitive to the government's policies, which has invested in snow industry and New Countryside Construction following the government's call. The Luneng Resort of Changbai Mountain has been in operation while the Beautiful Countryside spots have been arranged everywhere, promoting the balanced rural-urban development with agricultural tourism.

What worth extra attention is the sales innovation in the first quarter of the year by Luneng Group. In the traditional peak period of Hainan's tourism, Luneng, seizing this opportunity, cooperated with all major airlines and major high speed railway stations to publish its Hainan program advertisements both on and off line, whose audience rating during the lunar new year vocation reached as high as 83.2%. Luneng Group has converted its popularity into sales performance successfully. In only 3 cities, Haikou, Sanya and Wenchang the sales performance has exceeded 10 billion, equaling the total sum of last whole year, making a beneficial beginning in the first quarter.

Restriction measures are densely published in lots of places recently, predicting a harsh future for housing market in 2017. Luneng adjusts its strategic positioning to complex real estate at such circumstance.

According to the official release by Luneng Group, it defines itself as a complex real estate developer, and will develop estate product systems of commerce, cultural-tourism, sports, health, technology, people's wellbeing, Beautiful Countryside.

The first cultural tourism estate of Luneng Resort of Changbai Mountain has put into use in January, while the other one named Jiuzhaigou Luneng Resort will be ready for tourists within the year. Luneng's commercial real estate has been improving, whose Autograph Collection Hotel, Shanhaitian in Sanya started in March. A series of Luneng Edition Hotel in Shanghai, Luneng Hilton Hotel in Tianjin, the Luneng Riz-Calton Hotel in Jiuzhai will come into market continuously in 2017. Its Beautiful Countryside program will start the Wen'an branch in Hebei in April according to the plan.

The cultivation in complex real estate of Luneng Group has brought staged results in 2017, while a strategic adjustment will fill the Group with full potentials.